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Morning Glory Technologies was established in 1998 to provide consulting services for the Health Care IT industry. It has since evolved into a forum for exploration that often results in new process structures and algorithms.

Our Mission

We are committed to discovering new computing technologies and applying them in practical software engineering settings.

Our Environment

We maintain complete development environments encompassing all popular operating systems, databases and development platforms including: 

Operating Environments:

o  Windows 2003 Server

o  Windows XP Professional

o  Windows XP Home

o  Linux (Redhat)

Networking Environments:

o  Windows Internet Information Service (IIS)

o  Apache Linux Web Server

o  Broadband Internet connection

o  Multiple node, heterogeneous internal development LAN

Code Environments:

o  Microsoft Visual

o  Microsoft Visual Studio 6

o  Oracle Developer Suite 9i

o  PL/SQL Developer

o  Teradata TTU 7.0

o  KDeveloper 2

o  Visual Source Safe

Database Environments:

o  Oracle 8i/9i/10g

o  SQLServer 2000/2005

o  Teradata 5.0

o  Ingres 2.0

o  Access 97-2003


o  12+ years programming under UNIX

o  12+ years programming in Windows environments

o  12+ years programming using Oracle development tools (Developer/Designer, PRO*C, PL/SQL) 

o  7+ years programming using SQLServer development tools (T-SQL, DTS packages)

o  12+ years developing network interfaces (IP (TCP, UDP, AF_UNIX))

o  12+ years developing distributed systems (Socket services, RPC, server/client architectures, real time data acquisition and control systems)


o  12+ years programming using C/C++

o  12+ years programming using Unix shell scripting

o  12+ years programming using ANSI SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL 

o  12+ years programming using Visual Basic

o  2+ years programming using .NET technologies (C#, ASP.NET, XML)

o  20+ years programming using FORTRAN

Our diverse development environments allow us to participate in project architectures of any complexity or depth. This permits us to construct system test simulations that provide identical environments that our clients encounter in their production settings allowing Morning Glory Technologies to serve as an immediate source for effective and cost efficient off site development or support activities.

Site Customizations

We offer a broad range of Software Engineering consulting services from complete design/build solutions to integration with existing sustaining efforts. We focus on mission critical, real time systems. Listed below are a few of the organizations where we've recently created and implemented solutions for production applications:


Contact Information


Morning Glory Technologies maintains its world headquarters in Kirkland, Washington's Mystical Juanita District in the USA in order to best intensify the effect our concept developers receive. We strive to maintain a tight coupling between traditional client interface and Internal Engineering divisions within our organization so that their separations can be blurred. We find that this best facilitates both our client communication and their pleasure with the products and solutions we deliver for them. We invite you to investigate the results possible with this model.


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