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Morning Glory Technologies is committed to discovering new computing technologies and applying them in practical software engineering settings. We offer some examples for Microsoft Windows Administrators:



Remote Batch Copy

Network files gather/scatter utility with remote node query and management.


Remote Batch copy is 100% Verified download 5 Star Rating

Remote Batch Copy

an EXCELLENT award


Remote Batch Copy lets you copy multiple files to multiple remote directories. Each source file is copied in turn to a corresponding directory on each destination node. Remote Batch Copy lets you query remote nodes for their network information as well as provide local statistics about the node Remote Batch Copy is running from. Remote network connectivity can be confirmed and remote nodes can be selected for Exploration or remote Computer Management using Remote Batch Copy.

Active IP Sensor

Active IP Port Executable Monitor.



Active IP Sensor lets you watch all incoming and outgoing IP port connections in flight.  Active IP Sensor listens for connected IP ports as they are formed, progress and retire. Active IP Sensor lets you record and share Active IP Port snapshots or histories with remote clients that are running Active IP Sensor.


Log Dispatcher

Remote file listener with programmable event filters and command dispatcher. EXCELLENT award

Log Dispatcher allows you to watch updates to multiple files or logs as they occur in real time. Log Dispatcher works on large files and on those that exist across networks. Log Dispatcher handles native Windows file shares as well as Unix SMB shares. Log Dispatcher can monitor both binary and text files. Use Log Dispatcher to simultaneously monitor several logs as they are updated by their driver applications. Log Dispatcher supports custom filter lists. Each monitored log can have its own individual filter list. Use Filters to store and apply filter strings that invoke specified commands if the filter string should appear in the monitored file. This could be used to configure a set of alarms or even build a remote scheduler or command dispatcher by appending filter strings into a remote control file that is being monitored by Log Dispatcher in real time.


Systems, Releases and Items

Management tool for modeling hierarchical processes in production environments.

SRI is a single rooted hierarchy that extends three levels deep. This is a simple yet surprisingly powerful structure. A SRI database is composed of one or more stored SRI hierarchies.  SRI is intended to model processes that contain dependent elements that ultimately make up a completed unit. SRI then allows the state of any number of processes to be tracked and stored for trending analysis and reporting.




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